Water Resources

WATER – Worth Fighting For!

Make Every Drop Count

Here in the Southwest, water is one of our most important natural resources, supporting our cities, fueling our agricultural systems, and providing diverse recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, the Colorado River system continues to struggle with growing populations, and higher agricultural demands. In an increasingly dry climate, water conservation has never been so important. Water conservation not only helps maintain the health of our communities, and the fragile ecosystems in the Colorado River Basin, but it can also improve our agricultural systems in various ways.

On the farm, water conservation can be practiced through sound, efficient irrigation techniques commonly referred to as Irrigation Water Management (IWM). Practicing IWM on your farm can achieve one or more of the following benefits:

  1. Promote increased crop health through correct soil moisture management
  2. Optimize use of available water throughout the season
  3. Minimize erosion
  4. Decrease leaching of fertilizers and pesticides into groundwater
  5. Manage negative impacts of salt buildup in crop root zone
  6. Support healthy soil ecology
  7. Reduce wind erosion by maintaining correct soil moisture
  8. Increase on farm management efficiency

Whether you need a drip irrigation kit for your home garden, or ideas on how to manage your pastures more efficiently, various resources are available for farmers and landowners to improve their water usage and efficiency. Please visit the links on the sidebar for more information regarding water conservation techniques. In addition, the conservation districts as well as the local NRCS office (located in Cortez) can provide necessary resources for developing conservation management plans specific to your farm.

We must all do our part to improve water quality and efficiency during times of drought…Remember, every drop counts!

Resource Links


Measuring and Conserving Irrigation Water

A publication from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: Learn how to find net water application for any irrigation system!


CoAgMet – The Colorado Agricultural Meteorological Network

This site features a database of climate stations throughout Colorado that update data to the website daily. A good source for climate data related to agriculture such as precipitation and evapotranspiration numbers for your area.


Water Information Program

The Water Information Program is a public information program sponsored by the water districts, organizations and agencies in the San Juan and Dolores watersheds of Southwestern Colorado. The purpose of the WIP is to provide information to the public and community on water topics and water related issues.