The Purpose of the Watershed

The San Juan Basin Watershed Association is established to serve the 6 conservation districts, as well as other agencies and entities in the watershed with common natural resource concerns.



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All About the San Juan Basin Watershed

What is a watershed?

How do watersheds work?

It’s the land that water flows across or under on its way to stream, river, or lake. The landscape is made up of many interconnected basins, or watersheds. Within each watershed, all water runs to the lowest point-a stream, river, or lake. On its way, water travels over the surface and across the farm fields, forest land, suburban lawns, and city streets, or its seeps into the soil and travels as ground water. Large watersheds like the ones for the Mississippi River, Columbia River, and Chesapeake Bay are made up of many smaller watersheds across several states.

Are all watersheds the same?

Your watershed community

Not at all. Watersheds come in many different shapes and sizes and have many different features. Watersheds can have hills or mountains or be nearly flat. They can have farmland, rangeland, small towns, and big cities. Parts of your watershed may be so rough, rocky, or marshy that they are suited only for certain trees, plants, and wildlife. Everyone lives in a watershed. You and everyone in your watershed are part of the watershed community. The animals, birds, and fish are, too. You influence what happens in your watershed, good or bad, by how you treat the natural resources – the soil, water, air, plants, and animals. What happens in your small watershed also affects the larger watershed downstream.

Board of Supervisors

Watershed Representatives

President: Travis Custer, Email Colorado Association of Conservation Districts Representative: Gary Thrash, Email
Vice-President: Gary Thrash, Email Colorado State Conservation Board Representative: Vernon Lerette
Secretary/Treasurer: Steve Miles, Email